Protection Specialists


Watermark says “NO” to useless security! You should expect more than a spectator when using security guards.

There are many large security companies who offer low rates, but ultimately these results in disappointment with a sub-par and most the time incapable security guards. We have all seen them. This is why the security industry has such a poor reputation..

Protection Specialist

Even though armed personnel may be the best option, you may choose not to use that level of security. Watermark provides unarmed personnel, who are in good physical condition and can handle crisis situations as needed. We call them Protection Specialist, as they are better trained and conditioned.

Our armed Off Duty Officers (ODO) undergo extensive and continual training with weapons and defensive tactics. Our ODO’s come from backgrounds including law enforcement and combat military assignments and are highly experienced in personal protection and have real life experience with evaluating the use of varying levels of force.

Watermark Protection Group