Cannabis SECURITY Solutions


Cannabis security is an essential part of the new legal cannabis industry.

Physical Protection

Watermark provides exceptional physical protection to the legal cannabis industry in California and Nevada. The initial part of being secure is the design of the facilities and that it up to state regulatory standards. Watermark can consult and assist with the design plans for installing infrared cameras, access control, bio metrics, license plate readers, remote monitoring, man traps, power supply, area workup and demographics while offering options to choose from. Watermark will guide you through how to eliminate employee theft. Let us help you design a compliant security system to match your requirements and your budget.

Instead of having traditional poor security whose only response is to call 911, Watermark provides the personnel that can respond appropriately with action that could save your life, your customer’s lives, your product, and your property. Watermark offers protection to cannabis security conscious businesses who understand the importance of real security.

Armed Protection

Watermark provides 24-hour armed or unarmed security for cannabis cultivation operations, product processing and retail cannabis dispensaries and well as transportation of product and revenue. Watermark has plans to meet your needs and budget.

Work with a firm that understands the unique challenges you experience as a Cannabis business. We are that firm. We can provide security for your GROW, your Store Front, or even for your Mobile Cannabis Delivery Team. Whatever your cannabis security needs are, we are here to meet them.

Diligent Security

Watermark Protection can provide diligent security services for your:

  • Cannabis Cultivation, Processing, Dispensary needs
  • Facilities Security Measures Design and Planning Consult
  • Physical Asset Security needs
  • Revenue Protection needs
  • Armed Transport needs
  • Licensed and Insured needs
  • Armed and unarmed protection options

If you believe your growing opperation demand the best, then you need Watermark.

Watermark Protection Group